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JetBlue Pilot Declared Fit to Stand Trial

On Friday June 15th, a Federal judge ruled that JetBlue pilot Clayton Osborn was fit to stand trial after an incident in March that forced flight attendants to restrain Osborn and the co-pilot to make an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas. According to witnesses, Osborn was flying the JetBlue flight from San Antonio to Las Vegas when he suddenly began running through the plane and yelling about Iraq, Afghanistan, and al-Qaida. Osborn was declared sane and fit to stand trial after a government appointed psychologist examined him and concluded that he would be able to participate in his own defense and trial. Osborn faces both criminal and civil charges. Ten passengers on the JetBlue flight have filed a civil suit against JetBlue for negligence. As passengers of JetBlue, they were put in a frightening and potentially life threatening situation due to JetBlue’s retaining of an unfit employee. As plaintiffs I certainly hope they find a proper lawyer, because the passengers of JetBlue have a rock solid case against the company. Airline safety is incredibly important. The fear and anxiety surrounding flight in America is well justified, and a breach of any sense of safety by an employee of an airline is a serious offense. The ten passengers filed suit two days prior to the declaration of Osborn as fit to stand trial.