Super Bowl Sunday and DUI Arrests Blog

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the most beloved days for sports fans around the nation. Consequently, it is also one of the most popular nights for driving under the influence of alcohol. Like many national holidays or major sporting events, police agencies across the country know that fans will be consuming alcohol at Super Bowl parties and are taking action to crack down on those who choose to operate motor vehicles while intoxicated.

Statistics for drunk driving arrests on Super Bowl Sunday speak for themselves. Police officers across the state of Delaware arrested 21 drivers for driving under the influence of alcohol on Super Bowl Sunday last year. In 2006, the California Highway Patrol reported 481 DUI arrests, 242 wrecks involving alcohol and seven deaths relate to DUI accidents. And in the same year, the Southern Arizona DUI Task Force stopped over 540 cars on Super Bowl Sunday alone in efforts to crack down on drunk driving.

Officers everywhere urge people to “choose a sober designated driver,” before consuming alcohol at a Super Bowl party to ensure everyone’s safety. These actions can help you avoid spending money on a criminal lawyer and costly court expenses.

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  1. Hach & Rose

    I love watching the Super Bowl – even though I never am particularly rooting for one team – but it scares me to know how many people drive after drinking on this day!

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