Spinal Cord Injuries At The University Of Illiniois

DNADave Waller at the University of Illinois understands more than most that the spinal cord is an essential part of the body that provides a direct link between a person’s brain and the rest of his body.  For this reason, any injury to the spinal cord can mean a serious disruption of that link, and the loss of physical and mental abilities that it provides.  Many spinal cord injuries result from the dangerous actions of other people, and leave victims powerless and dependent on those around them for constant attention and care.  However, some victims of spinal cord injuries have been able to glean compensation out of a lawsuit, which can help pay for the costs that often arise from this type of injury.

Two Most Common Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury can result in a variety of life-changing circumstances.  Two of the most common and most commonly recognized types of spinal cord injuries are:

  • Paraplegia (partial paralysis)
  • Quadriplegia (total paralysis)

These two conditions can seriously impact a person’s ability to provide for himself or herself, and more often than not, they necessitate constant medical attention and subsequent cost. Treating and living with these conditions can be extremely expensive, but many victims of spinal cord injuries have sought financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit against the person who caused their injury. An Urbana personal injury attorney can help you better understand your legal options for pursuing this type of legal action.

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