Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Put on Hold

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Americans and Voting

As November gets closer, many Americans are preparing to turn in their vote for the office of President of the United States.  Some states though, have been considering a change to their voter requirements by asking voters to bring a government issued picture ID with them.  This has caused considerable controversy across the country as Americans debate whether or not this type of rule is fair.

Pennsylvania legislators have been pushing for this change in their state, but on October 2, a judge ordered that it is too close to election time to change such an important aspect of voting.  Judge Robert Simpson of the Commonwealth Court said that this close to election time, it would be impossible to ensure that all voters who are planning on casting a ballot have an ID that would qualify them to vote.

Many people challenging the new law are arguing that it will infringe on the rights of American citizens.  Not everyone may be able to get a photo ID because of proximity to ID centers, funding, and necessary transportation.  Many members of the Republican Party support this law and pushed for its approval on a state-wide scale, while many Democrats hold that it may discourage or disqualify low-income voters (who are statistically more likely to vote for a Democratic candidate).

Personally, I believe that it is absurd for states to require a government issued ID for something such as voting. Those that do not need drivers’ licenses may not have a reason to have a government issued photo ID handy, and this close to an important election, no one should have to scramble to make changes to their long-standing voting plans.

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