NY Court Approves Viewing of Child Pornography

Ok, so there aren’t too many things that get me angrier than child sexual abuse, and an appeals court in New York has just made a decision that, honestly, is one of the worst I can think of in relation to this topic. According to this story, the case, which occurred in the state of New York, involved a professor at Marist College in Poughkeepsie who was found to have hundreds of different pornographic images of children in his browser history. The court ruled that, under New York’s child pornography laws, he couldn’t be held accountable for any crime, as he was never technically in possession of any of these images.

I understand the court’s reasoning, I really do; after all, they are beholden to the law, and they’re not supposed to make decisions that exceed the authority of the law. However, it’s extremely clear that the intent of this law is to prevent people from supporting any type of child pornography, and providing internet traffic to these sites does exactly that. And promoting the sexual performance of a minor, which is a part of the law, is clearly what this guy was doing. So, no, I can’t support this type of judicial discretion, not in a case like this.

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