Illegal Legalities

A recent case in California is testing the limits of how far our country is willing to extend legal rights to those who come to our country illegally. In California, a man is applying to be admitted to the bar to practice law in the state. The only problem is, he’s here illegally. The California Supreme Court is currently considering whether or not to grant his request, even though the U.S. Department of Justice has made clear that doing so would contradict federal law.

Some people are saying this is a difficult case, with a variety of legal issues to consider. Let me make it real clear – it isn’t. I have nothing against this man, he sounds like a perfectly hard worker (I should know; passing the bar is not an easy thing to do) and his circumstances are at the heart of the American success story. But he isn’t here legally, and there is simply no way that he can legally practice the law. The idea of a rule of law is that it applies equally to everyone, and as much as I can sympathize with his case, there cannot be exceptions. None, whatsoever.

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