Texas Mom Faces Life in Prison for Child Abuse

Legal Troubles In Texas

A Texas mom, Elizabeth Escalona, is facing life in prison for child abuse charges after she kicked, beat, and glued her child’s hands to a wall. The mother is accused of assaulting her child after becoming frustrated over her lack of progress in potty training, ultimately leaving the child’s body covered with bruises and rendering her comatose. The child required hospitalization for a full week as a result of these horrendous actions on her mother’s part.

As disgusting as this case is, the sad reality, as many lawyers in Texas have come to know, is that these types of cases are not as rare as they should be. Frustrated parents can often go to extreme measures in punishing their children. This woman is facing an extremely wide range of potential penalties, from life in prison to deferred adjudication, in which case she would not even be convicted of a criminal action. As anyone who reads this blog should know, I lean more towards giving her life than letting these types of despicable things go unpunished.

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